Slow roasted Brisket of Beef is one of the most requested dinners that I prepare at Cal-Wood.  The kids and adults both love it.

My first time cooking a whole brisket it was a disaster.  I knew it needed to be cooked for a long time but was not sure how long.  I cooked the brisket for 2-3 hours and it was tough.  I just figured brisket was that way and I did not like it.  I since changed my tune through trial and error.  Now brisket is a frequent menu item for me and something I love to cook several different ways.  There is something wonderful about cooking a large piece of meat for a very long time at a low temperature ntil it becomes tender and juicy.

This process happens when the collagen in the meat begins to break down and melt.  You can be assured this will happen when the internal temperature of the roast rises above 200 degrees.  At this point collagen break down occurs and the meat becomes meltingly tender.

Since the weather outside for many of us is cold right now I suggest braising your brisket in the oven.  Over the summer I will post how to BBQ your brisket but for now we will go with the oven.

I could tramp across the knee high snow to the grill… because I have been known to do that….no… I don’t think so.

Most brisket at the grocery store are cut at a 4-5 lb size.  We will use this size as a guide.

You can braise your meat and serve it in one day but the process is best when you take 2 days to make your brisket.  It will result in a great roast instead of a good one.

Here are the steps that I take to make meltingly tender brisket.

1.  Choose a 4-5 lbs brisket with the fat still attached to the top.

Some places like Costco will trim all of the fat off but you want a brisket with the fat still on.  You will cook the meat for 4-5 hours and let it still overnight in your fridge.  Most of the fat will rise to the top and solidify.  You can just lift it off but you do want it on the meat when cooking to tenderize and flavor it.

2.  Double line your roasting pan with foil so your clean up is minimal. 

3.  Season the brisket with kosher salt and pepper. 

4.  Lay the meat in the foil lined pan and bake in your oven at a hot temperature of 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes uncovered.  This will brown the meat and add flavor to the braise.  When the meat is well browned on the outside add 2-4 cups chicken stock, 2 large thick sliced onions and 3-4 whole fresh rosemary stems. Just throw in the whole stem with leaves still on.  You will remove this before serving.

5.  Cover the brisket with foil and crimp foil to the pan to seal the roast.

6.  Turn your oven down to 300 degrees and let the roast cook for 4-5 hours until internal temperature reaches above 200 degrees. 

7.  Remove roast from oven and let sit on your counter top for at least 45 minutes until cooled.  Put uncovered in your fridge for 1 hour and then cover and let rest in the fridge over night.

8.  The next day take your roast out of the fridge and remove the layer of fat on top of the stock.  Not the fat layer left on the meat.   Take the roast out of the gelatinous stock in the pan but do not throw this stock away! 

9.  Slice your roast across the grain of meat and nestle your slices back in the stock.  Put pan uncovered into the oven at 350 degrees until warmed.  Serve hot and enjoy.