Ok. So this is my first Reblog and it had to be this little gem of a blog post. What a great way to use up all of those glass jars!

Originally posted on Seed To Salad:

This is a quick little project that you can do at home without much effort.

You should try this.  Why?  It’s nice to have fresh herbs sitting at arms reach in the kitchen ready to donate to your culinary masterpiece.

First thing you need are some big glass jars.

If you still have half a jar of pickles left you better get a chompin’.  It’s ok, they are low in calories right?

I add a little sand for the sake of drainage.

These jars do not have holes in the bottom like most planting containers, so I figured a little sand might help solve that problem.

Pack it down flat.

Add some organic garden soil.

Top it off with a few inches of seed starting mix.

Carefully, oh so carefully plant a few seeds just below the surface.

Label them so you don’t forget what is in each jar.  It…

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