I have not been blogging for very long.  I love it and find it somewhat addictive.  I love to read other blogs because it really inspires me to see what other folks are cooking out there.  One of my favorite new blogs is Rantings of an Amateur Chef.  This blogs pictures, well written recipes and charming prose are a joy to read.  Every time he posts I am delighted to open the email and just lose myself in the story and recipes.

When I returned from my trip to Cali this week I was surprised to see that I was nominated by Rantings for the Liebster Blog award. Wow.  Thank you very much.  I felt like Sally Fields at the Academy Awards when she said “you like me…you really like me.”

The rules for this nomination are that I need to nominate five of my favorite blogs.  Not hard at all…..ok so it is.

I love all the blogs that I follow so how do I choose?

After thinking about it for the last 3 days I choose the following blogs to nominate for the Liebster Blog Award.

Food Safari-A food Lovers Journal

This woman is a seriously prolific blogger.  She posts nearly every day and the posts are always delicious sounding.  Her blog is beautiful and fun to read.  She obviously loves cooking for her darling son and I am always amazed at how yummy her food looks and she is still so thin and beautiful!  She cannot possibly eat all of those yummy dishes or is she one of those humming-bird metabolism folks I am so jealous of.

Eat with Fat Joe

The name pretty much says it all.  This delightful blog talks about such important topics as Opie Taylor, BBQ and chowing down with your friends.  Joe is a charming guy who always has a nice thing to say.

We call him yes-chef!

This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have found this year.  A husband and wife team produce this lovely and informative blog.  He cooks she clicks and writes.  What a great team these two make.  Check this blog out soon.

Cooking in Sens

This is a blog with stunning food photography, excellent recipes and stories of an American living and cooking in France.  I am pretty sure I do not need to say more.  Go there….now.

Sarah’s Place

When I started blogging I was looking forward to making some “blog” friends.   LIke any good friendship I look forward to hearing from Sarah.  Her blog is beautiful and informative.  She is just good people.  Pop on over and say hello.

I enthusiastically nominate these blogs for the Liebster Blog award.

Thank you again, Ranting of an Amateur Chef for nominating Marinating Online for the Liebster Blog award.