Patricks Eggs

Breakfast in my household is usually a simple meal but we avoid cereal or other quick sugary foods and try and make sure the kids gets started with some protein.  Usually that means lean nitrite free ham or baked Boulder Sausage.  Hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs are also favorites.  The quality of the egg that you use is very important for good clean taste.  Once you enjoy farm fresh eggs you may never want to buy eggs at the supermarket again.  I have started getting eggs from on of our Cal-Wood instructors.  Patrick is one of those wonderful people who always seems to be in a great mood.  I will be banging pots around my kitchen at Cal-Wood and in comes Patrick with a big grin and he will say something like ” another great day in the beautiful outdoors with the kids”! It does not matter if it is really hot, freezing or raining like cats and dogs.  Patrick will step out with a huge smile and keep that attitude all day.  After Patrick comes through the kitchen my bad mood will just dissipate and I will be looking around with happy wonder at the beauty around me.  I figure if he has that kind of effect on humans his chickens are seriously happy little hens. These happy chickens produce eggs with bright yellow/orange yokes and very tasty.  Simply boiled and seasoned these eggs make a perfect breakfast.

Once in a while I will make bacon.  Bacon is always a huge hit (of course) but I hate the mess that frying bacon creates so I use a restaurant method of baking bacon.  The results in a leaner meat with very little mess and the bacon does not curl up and leave you with fatty and soft ends.

To bake bacon in the oven you need to have foil, parchment paper (preferably not from a roll because it will not lay flat on the bacon) and a 1/2 size sheet pan or cookie sheet.

Line your sheet pan with foil and lay out the bacon so that it does not over lap much.  Lay a sheet of parchment over the top and bake in your oven at 425 degrees.  The time needed depends on the size of the bacon.  The parchment over the top helps to keep your oven clean and lets you see when the bacon is done.

This method works well for 2-25 servings or more.  Great for a holiday brunch or big family breakfast.  You can also lay out the bacon and cover with parchment and keep in your fridge overnight and just pop it in the oven in the morning.  If you try this method let me know how it works for you.

Visit this link for great price on parchment paper.

Update:  you can also bake breakfast sausage the same way but you do not need to cover with parchemnt.