I love to blog.  Almost as much as I love to blog I love to read other blogs.  I love the simple blogs by people who cook at home and the complicated chef written blogs.  I love professional blogs and blogs put together as a hobby.

I am inspired by home cooks who really pull out the stops and cook some amazing food just for the fun of it and then blog about it.

I can lose myself for hours in the blogs written by talented amateur chef/food photographers.  The food porn on those sites is breathtaking.

Here is a list of some of the great blogs I have read this week.

The Girl Hunter:  This woman just amazes me.  I chuckled when I saw the name of her new book and am working my way through her blog.  This post in particularly interesting as I have some left over cranberries I need to use.  Cranberry Chews

I am a fan of David Lebovitz and when I saw this post I said to myself “and my family thought I was crazy!”  Kitchen Tips

My beautiful cousin Anya has this blog about gluten free cooking, healthy living and endurance training.  She is a force of nature.

Enjoy life!

My lovely cousins

I find myself visiting this blog constantly.  The volume of information is indispensable.  Michael Rhulman

Stranger than Kitchen is a blog written by a professional chef who makes cooking easy and fun for everyone.  And a little strange…

Stranger than Kitchen