I think that perhaps one of my favorite things is cooking with my kids.  My teenage daughter Maddy is becoming quite an accomplished cook and is trying all sorts of new baking techniques.

Maddy is also a huge Anime (Japanese Animation) fan and loves all things Japanese.  She has been watching this cook on Youtube and talking about it.  I was not sure what she was describing but it seemed like some woman cooking with her small dog sitting on the counter next to her.  We watched a few videos and it is hilarious.  This woman is seriously cooking good food and this little dog is right next to her.  The dog just chills and does not interfere at all.  It is funny.

Maddy decided to try to make custard pudding from one of the videos.  The custard turned out sublime.

See link for recipe from Cooking with Dog.

Cooking with Dog How to Make Custard Pudding