How to make FANTASTIC Bacon


On my kitchen wall I have a sign that says "Bacon makes everything better!"  I do agree with this statement for the most part.  Umami is the key to why bacon and Parmesan cheese are so fantastic tasting. Glutamate compounds in these foods are flavor enhancers.  When you put Parmesan cheese on your pasta or add bacon to a grilled cheese you are bumping up the flavor of everything else in the dish. I had not made my own bacon because I figured it would be difficult or time consuming.  This is ...

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Tornadoes, Hail, being thankful my garden survived and balsamic salad dressing!


My son and I work on the garden every evening when it gets cool.  I love that fact that my teenaged son likes to get out and dig in the dirt with me.  Last night as we were wrapping up the rain started and we heard emergency sirens.  We put our tools away and went inside unaware that a couple miles away tornadoes were touching down in our small town. We were pretty alarmed when the hail started but amazingly the garden was not damaged.  I cannot understand it as the plants are so young ...

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A simple pot of beans with bacon (of course)


Just a pot of beans, simmering on the stove.  Simple and healthy. Beans cooked perfectly hold their structure, are creamy inside and are one of the best forms of fiber you can eat. I try and make a pot of beans at least once a month.  I will make a big pot and freeze half.  Busy days when I start thinking about dinner an hour before I am going to serve it I am grateful for my stocked freezer. Beans are also a great way to break the habit of the center of your plate being a piece of ...

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Pork Roulade with Apples and Fresh Sage


Yummy pork....I really can't get enough of it.  Last week I made bacon and it was freaking fantastic.  I will post that recipe later this week.   That is some seriously sexy bacon.  It was so easy that I cannot take the credit.  The beauty is in the heritage local pork not anything I did.  More on this later... About the pork roulade, now that took a bit of work  and was worth it.  Pork loin is such a wonderful cut of meat to work with but does not have much flavor.  When I design a ...

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